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Raskin/Warren Event

Tonight’s festivities at the Silver Spring Civic Center drew an enthusiastic, boisterous overflow crowd to see Ike Leggett, Jamie Raskin, and Elizabeth Warren. All were great. But my favorite was Congresswoman-elect Pramila Jayapal from Seattle, who delivered a great speech in a room where everyone was there to see someone else. Very impressive, and most of the people I talked to… Read more »

Raskin/Elizabeth Warren Event Tonight 

Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin is hosting an event tonight at the Silver Spring Civic Center with Elizabeth Warren about “how to build progressive power and strong democracy in a time of Republican dominance.” If you don’t already have a ticket, don’t plan on going - it’s sold out. But I am here to rescue you from missing out. I’ll be broadcasting… Read more »

MoCo Renter Protection Bill Passes

Several provisions got stripped out in the final review, but in the words of Renters Alliance honcho Matt Losak, “it’s a good start.” Council Bill 19-15 passes the Montgomery County Council unanimously yesterday. First, Bill Turque in the Post. The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved legislation Tuesday to make a suburb that has been a bastion of homeownership more hospitable… Read more »

WAIT, WHAT? - Ulysses Currie Withdraws Resignation Letter

The Daily Record has the story of a remarkable about face by LD25 Senator Ulysses Currie. Currie resigned in early November, but the effective date of the resignation was not until later this week, December 1. So today, Currie dropped a bombshell: Sen. Ulysses Currie, in a letter Tuesday to Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr., rescinded his resignation from the… Read more »

BREAKING: Raskin Nabs Leadership Post

CD8 Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin has been named to represent the incoming Democratic freshman class on the influential Steering and Policy Committee. Here’s the press release from Raskin: Raskin Chosen by New Members for Influential Democratic Leadership Post Rep.-Elect Raskin Will Serve on the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin (MD-8) will serve on the influential House Democratic… Read more »

Heads He Wins, Tails We All Lose

Friend of the blog Ben Feshbach brings us the latest oozing emanation from the infected bleeding sore that is Donald Trump on Twitter. I was and remain skeptical of the likelihood that a recount will change anything, but if it puts the vulgar talking yam on tilt, I say Bring It The Fuck On. Now is as good a time as… Read more »

One Day Late Day 1439 (Bring It On)

Another Slaid Cleaves song, I heard this one today on Pandora, and like “Beautiful Thing” from Day 1447, it’s a heartrending mix of the cynical and yet ultimately hopeful. This one is less overtly political and more personal, defiant in its optimism and belief that things will work out yet. I know we don’t deserve to be going down this… Read more »

Two Days Late Day 1440 (Love Train)

Somebody suggested this to me earlier in the week, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. We’ll backdate it to Thanksgiving because, well, because I said so. Something cheerful for the holiday. Multi-culti, inclusive, happy, all the things we are that they’re not.[/ embed]