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BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina Voter ID Law

The Supreme Court minutes ago issued an order rejecting an appeal by North Carolina regarding its voter ID law. The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to reinstate a 2013 North Carolina law that required voters to show photo identification at the polls.  In a 4-4 split decision, the court said it would not hear a challenge to a 4th Circuit Court… Read more »

Debate Watch Parties At AFI

Presidential debates are all about the human interaction. Cheering, booing, drinking, bar brawls with idiots, you should never watch them alone at home. So assuming you’re not hosting your own events, come to a series of parties hosted by Senator Jamie Raskin, MCYD, Clubs of Color, the MoCo Muslim Democratic Club, and yes, this fine establishment as well. Here’s the… Read more »

Miller On Hogan Executive Order

To paraphrase the great Jedi orator Yoda: “Begun, the school start date wars have.” Eschewing his usual multi-page, florid, and pointed rhetoric, Senate President Mike Miller issued a short, matter of fact, yet highly persuasive statement this afternoon on Larry Hogan’s executive order requiring the state’s public schools to push back start dates after Labor Day. ​“Rather than the extraordinary… Read more »

Hogan Orders Schools To Open After Labor Day

As expected, Larry Hogan issued an executive order commanding all state public schools to delay opening until after Labor Day. Larry Hogan said Wednesday he will issue an executive order requiring Maryland public schools to begin after Labor Day starting next year, likely launching a political fight. “Most people think this is long overdue,” Hogan said. He added that local… Read more »

“How Can You Have Any Pudding If You Don’t Eat Your Meat?”

I was recently forwarded a copy of an email with a statistical assessment of the Comptroller’s office in handling tax filings. Also included was a further assessment of the staffing levels of the office. Please note that these statistics are from the Comptroller’s office itself, so we can assume they’re accurate. There are around 95,000 backlogged tax filings, approximately 2/3… Read more »

“Labor Day Madness”

The Sun weighs in on the expected executive order from Larry Hogan today mandating a school start date after Labor Day. They’re right. Public education is a serious business, and there are far greater stakes involved than whether Thrasher’s can sell a few more fries. If Maryland’s elected leaders pursued only one goal, it ought to be this: Nurturing the nation’s best… Read more »

Decide First, Analyze Later

With all the myriad issues facing the state, it’s pretty amazing that Larry Hogan would decide to stake the power of his governorship on what - at first glance, no research yet - seems to be an illegal executive order mandating that all Maryland public schools start the school year after Labor Day. But hey, this is Larry Hogan we’re… Read more »

Well, This Is Embarrassing

We live in a deep blue state, right? Nod your head: of course we do. And therefore Democrats raise more money than those sad sack Republicans, right? Nod again. Internal reader thought: what’s up with all these questions? I mean, really, duh? Patience, grasshopper. All will be revealed. All of the above is true. In the 2008 presidential cycle, Maryland… Read more »

Clinton Is Sitting Pretty Right Now; One State Is A Big Reason Why

Even with a Quinnipiac Poll today showing Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 10 points nationally, on average, she is not quite at the post convention peak she sat at a week or so ago, but that was to be expected. Even with all of his faults, some Republican holdouts were bound to throw their support behind Trump eventually…. Read more »

Blaine Young Convicted In Prostitution Sting

All around idiot clown and political embarrassment Blaine Young was convicted today of three prostitution related charges for paying an undercover police officer $60 for sex in a sting in Anne Arundel County back in February. An Anne Arundel County judge on Tuesday found Blaine Young, the former president of the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, guilty of three prostitution-related… Read more »