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The Post has the story of the RNC temper tantrum. The Republican National Committee announced Friday that it was suspending its partnership with NBC News for an upcoming presidential debate in February, moving fast as anger at CNBC’s handling of Wednesday night’s Republican forum boiled over. In a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that their relationship for the… Read more »

Alcohol Blues

Here in Montgomery County, we have increasing income inequality, an ever widening achievement gap and overcrowding in our schools, issues of race in our criminal justice system, skyrocketing rents caused by the development decisions we’ve made over the past decade that are squeezing many tenants right out of the county altogether, inequities and access to health care for women, looming… Read more »

Breaking Down Maryland Democrats

So we’re running a statewide Democratic primary. Let’s start simple. How many registered Democrats are there? That one’s easy: as of September 30, the last monthly report from the State Board of Elections, there are 2,020,200 “active Democrats.”    Active Democrats, that sounds like a complete category, right? Ah, but it isn’t. How do I know this? Long story short, I… Read more »

College Park Council Candidate Has Some Problems

Cory Sanders is running for City Council in College Park, and based on his resume, he’s an impressively qualified candidate. The problem, however, is just that - his resume. Cory Sanders moved to College Park two years ago and became a rising political star. The 34-year-old organized a neighborhood association at his apartment complex after a man was gunned down in… Read more »

DeBlasio Endorses Clinton

Politico has the story. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on Friday. “She has said what she believes in. This is a very sharp progressive platform. I believe she will follow through on it,” de Blasio said during an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” adding that Clinton “has the ability to follow through on it.” De… Read more »

CD8 Facebook Analysis

Scott Ewart has another tech update, this time analyzing the Facebook pages of CD8 candidates. More details on the scoring in coming posts on each candidate, but here’s some highlights. I will bring you up details as he makes them available. Raskin 83 Notes – Jamie Raskin has the second most number of Facebook followers (just over 2,200) and scored well… Read more »

Those Monsters Killed The Poor #Blimp

All that poor thing wanted was to find a hotel for a little down time, and they murdered it. Bastards. The massive Army blimp that broke free from its mooring and drifted from Maryland to Pennsylvania is “actually still deflating,” a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.  “I am not able to give you the mechanics of exactly how they’re deflating it,” said Navy… Read more »