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Joel Rubin Ad On Women’s Health Care: “It’s Personal”

CD8 candidate Joel Rubin has released his first ad in the campaign, writes the Post. Maryland 8th Congressional District primary candidate Joel Rubin uses his first ad to frame the issue of women’s reproductive rights around a harrowing personal story: the forced sterilization of his Sri Lankan-American mother-in-law at a Pullman, Wash. hospital in 1972. You can read the background in… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Warnock TV Ad Buys

I mentioned earlier that David Warnock has an ad “on TV.” Which is true. What was not clear, at least to me, was the extent of Warnock’s TV buy. It’s big. Really, really big. There are four major television stations in Baltimore. WMAR (ABC Channel 2), WBAL (NBC Channel 11), WJZ (CBS Channel 13), and WBFF (Fox Channel 45). Warnock… Read more »

Matthews Up On The Radio

For anyone with doubts about the intensity of the artillery barrage about to rain down on the unsuspecting residents of the Eighth Congressional District, just stop for a minute and listen. You hear it? That distant thunder of the guns? That’s the sound of Kathleen Matthews’ first radio ad going up on the air. Kathleen Matthews, the former television news… Read more »

New Van Hollen Ad In Baltimore

Chris Van Hollen has a new ad running in the Baltimore media market targeting women. It’s his third ad airing in the Baltimore market. John Fritze reports: Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s campaign for Maryland’s open Senate seat went back up on television Wednesday with a new ad targeted at women, a key demographic both campaigns are hoping to court. The… Read more »