Joel Rubin Walk Piece

Hot off the presses, ladies and gentlemen! The newest contestant in the “Who Wants To Be A Congressman?” sweepstakes has a walk piece, and today one of my wily agents of deception was able to procure me a copy. For a guy who just got in the race, it’s a nicely put together piece of campaign literature, although using the exact same words on the front as on the back might not have been the best idea. For your reading pleasure.



Pena-Melnyk Lit Piece

Sources report that Joseline Pena-Melnyk had the strongest presence at the Annapolis July 4 parade. Glenn Ivey had a smaller group, while neither Anthony Brown not Dereck Davis had any apparent presence. One eagle-eyed reporter sent me the below photos of a lit piece from the Pena-Melnyk campaign, our first sighting of campaign literature yet.