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You Know You’re In Trouble When . . .

Fred Hiatt criticizes your position on climate change. But Mitch McConnell and the GOP have managed this feat. Blind squirrels and nuts and all that. A genuine conservative, as Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state George P. Shultz has written, would acknowledge uncertainties in climate science but look for rational, market-based policies to lessen the risk without slowing economic growth. A revenue-neutral… Read more »

Obama Kills Keystone Pipeline

A good decision that lingered on for too long. But good environmental decisions are rare enough that the best reaction is better late than never. President Obama has rejected a presidential permit Friday for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, according to individuals briefed on the decision, citing concerns about its impact on the climate. The decision to deny TransCanada Corp. a cross-border… Read more »

Urge Leggett To Sign Pesticide Bill

The landmark pesticide bill passed the Montgomery County Council on Ocrober 6 with a 6-3 vote. Per County law, County Executive Ike Leggett has ten days after the bill is sent to him by the Council to sign it, veto it or let it become law without his signature. Leggett hasn’t acted yet, and on the assumption that he got… Read more »

Hogan: Energy Administration Shakeup

A few months ago, Larry Hogan fired four top environmental officials on a Friday night. This week, he pulled a similar stunt on a Thursday night. The end result is the same - weakening Maryland’s commitment to energy efficiency. And nobody seems to have noticed. Well played sir. The Hogan administration is shaking up the Maryland Energy Administration, firing two… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Environmental Forum Video

Twelve separate videos, around 90 minutes in total. There’s opening statements from all the candidates, questions from the moderators, questions from the candidates to each other (watch for Liz Matory asking Kathleen Matthews questions, then vice versa, then Kumar Barve asking Jamie Raskin a question). It was intense, the crowd was large and loud, and you have a front row… Read more »

Updated Info On 9/30 Environmental Forum

Valerie Ervin will not be there. See here for (partially) updated candidate information. Additionally, I am advised that Dave Anderson has been invited to the forum as well, and has accepted. He was not yet a candidate when the invitations went out, so it is only in the past day or two that the logistics were arranged. So presumably there will be… Read more »

Environmental Forum In CD8

Maryland LCV, the Sierra Club and other organizations are hosting an environmental forum with CD8 candidates on September 30 at the Silver Spring Civic Center. Information is posted here. Apparently, nobody at LCV reads my blog - sniff, sob, whine - because they still are listing Valerie Ervin as a candidate expected to attend. And either Dave Anderson doesn’t care about attending… Read more »