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No MoCo Residential Plowing Until “Tomorrow At The Earliest”

Now that the blizzard is over and the sun is out, our thoughts turn to getting the hell out of our houses. Anywhere, right? Doesn’t matter. Just AWAY. Don’t saddle up just yet there, cowboys and cowgirls.   “Tomorrow at the earliest” usually translates from the snowspeak as “maybe we’ll get to your street in 3-4 days, but no promises.” Temperatures are… Read more »

Cabin Fever Is Setting In

I think people are getting a little nutty being cooped up in their houses this weekend with the 25 or so inches of snow that’s fallen. How can I tell? Here’s some evidence: Adam Pagnucco says because Peter Franchot got more votes than Anthony Brown, he’s the most powerful Democratic politician in Maryland. No allowance for the fact that Franchot’s 2014… Read more »

The Grateful Dead Support The Purple Line

So says the Maryland Court of Appeals, anyway. I’ll explain. A tiny little case over a civil citation for placing an obstruction in a public right of way had threatened Montgomery County’s control and ownership of a portion of the path of the Purple Line. A Chevy Chase property owner (opposed to the Purple Line) challenged the County’s right to… Read more »

A Blizzard Challenge

Any candidate - not canvassers, but a candidate - who can prove to me that they genuinely canvassed voters this weekend will get a photo display of their activities in a Maryland Scramble post. A short candidate bio will be included. Free PR. What’s not to like? In this regard, I give you this Washington Post article about how major storms can… Read more »

Random Thoughts While Being Snowed In For The Weekend

Here’s a fun story to read while you sit huddled in your home, contemplating being stuck there for the next three days. David Lublin has what appears to be a major scoop - he reports that the owner of Total Wine and More, David Trone, is contemplating a late entry into the CD8 race. David Trone of Total Wine is… Read more »

Anthony Brown’s Campaign Debts

Most of you may know that in 2014, Anthony Brown took out a $500,000 loan (legal under Maryland law) from the Laborers union in the waning days of the ill-fated gubernatorial campaign. He personally guaranteed that loan, and now, while he’s running for Congress, he’s also trying to pay off that loan. That’s not a good combination, as the Sun reports today…. Read more »

MCDCC Meeting Tonight Without Me

I was planning to be there, but some brilliant (not really) Montgomery County State Highway Administration Montgomery transportation person decided to let the WSSC close two of the three lanes of traffic on NB Colesville Road (US 29) here in Silver Spring the past three days (including tomorrow’s morning rush hour) to do some paving, causing what can best be described as a… Read more »

MD House Overrides Hogan Veto On Drug Paraphernalia 

The House of Delegates today overrode another Larry Hogan veto, this time of a bill to eliminate criminal penalties for possession of marijuana paraphernalia. The vote was 86-55 (one vote to spare this time). Governor Hogan claimed that this bill would legalize driving while impaired by marijuana. Bobby Zirkin this week claimed that Hogan was lying - it appears that the… Read more »

Baltimore Mayoral Summary Chart

Kevin Gillogly has compiled a summary chart of all mayoral campaign finance filings exclusively for Maryland Scramble. I’ll focus on the top six below, and finish with an assessment of where things stand. To be clear, the opinions are mine, not Kevin’s or anyone else’s. Receipts (exclusive of loans): Pugh $648,000, Dixon $423,000, Embry $415,000, Warnock $361,000, Mosby $320,000, Stokes $180,000… Read more »