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Tomorrow’s News Tonight

No, not the title of a new John Oliver psychic show, but a confident prediction of what we’ll be reading about when the sun comes up on a Wednesday morning: Anonymous Oriental rug experts posing as political pundits will report that responsibility for today’s North Korean nuclear test should be squarely placed on the shoulders of “atheist heathen” CD8 candidate Jamie Raskin.

A Position I Didn’t Know I Held In An Organization I Didn’t Know Existed

In response to my after midnight post about Adam Pagnucco’s letter to County Attorney Marc Hansen, Barry O’Connell was sufficiently outraged that he wrote the following Facebook post.    Pure comedy gold. “Explaining how to read a legal case” = “scathing blog based hatchet job.” I had no idea. And would it have been a better or worse “hatchet job” if it… Read more »

It’s Tough Out Here For The Squirrels

Just when I thought that Barry O’Connell had returned to this planet from his extended stay “elsewhere,” he goes and says this. I had such hopes that he’d find some more nuts. Alas.   The article Barry links to is all about Cummings not running. There is no discussion, none, about who, if anyone, Cummings might endorse if he doesn’t… Read more »

Vote Early, Vote Often

As I mentioned last week, Maryland Scramble is nominated for best political blog in the Baltimore Sun Mobbies. So I need some votes - I only have two hands, after all. Please? I figure it might help me double or even triple my salary as a blogger. Voting ends November 12. Much obliged for your support. Vote here.

Those Ballot Boxes Aren’t Going To Stuff Themselves

For the next 10 days, excepting the various municipal elections being held tomorrow, there’s only one campaign that matters: vote for Maryland Scramble for Best Politics Blog in the Baltimore Sun poll. You can vote once per day, so get busy. I’ll be watching, rest assured. Seriously, I had no idea this was coming. I just saw it on Twitter. It’s… Read more »

Maryland Juice Is Back

And there’s a new sheriff in town: Matt Verghese, formerly with the Maryland Democratic Party and Anthony Brown and currently an aide to District 5 County Councilmember Tom Hucker, is now at the controls. I look forward to having another blogger around. There’s room enough for far more than one voice in this conversation. But if he looks at me cross-eyed,… Read more »