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A Blizzard Challenge

Any candidate - not canvassers, but a candidate - who can prove to me that they genuinely canvassed voters this weekend will get a photo display of their activities in a Maryland Scramble post. A short candidate bio will be included. Free PR. What’s not to like? In this regard, I give you this Washington Post article about how major storms can… Read more »

Random Rumors

Overheard at Busboys and Poets in Takoma (aka “the beating heart of the radical Takoma Park syndicate”) this morning . . . confirming the two recent statements by Takoma Park’s own Vladimir I. Lenin, construction on the wall creating Maryland’s new Ninth Congressional District will begin in the next several weeks. “CD9” is the week’s trending hip phrase now. Why? Because I said so,… Read more »

More On The “Radical Takoma Park Syndicate”

An eagle-eyed correspondent has provided me with the battle flag of the organization that is so secret and so seditious and so nefarious that I was doing its bidding without even knowing it.    Now you know. We never thought anyone would make the connection between the Y’All Qaeda #YeeHawdists and the RTPS. That Barry O’Connell is a cunning foe.

Wherein I Get I International Acclaim

In this India Abroad article, I get two whole paragraphs to my narcissistic self.    Full disclosure - I’m not a Silver Spring native but I definitely am funny and irreverent. Just ask me. Oh, yeah, and there’s some other stuff in the article about some guy running for Congress. Kumar somebody or other. I forget. But these two paragraps are… Read more »

Who Ya Gonna Call?

As we head into the holidays, there’s going to be a wasteland period with little if any news to report. MD candidates are scrambling (product placement alert!) to finish Q4 fundraising with a flourish, but that’s about it. And we not have anything to talk about in terms of new numbers until January 15, although the whispering has already begun…. Read more »

New CD8 Twitter Accounts

We have some new Twitter action in CD8. Totally fake, but also very funny so far. FYI: the “ACK” in “ACKkathleen” is the airport code for Nantucket. I had to look it up.     Even cooler than two fake Twitter accounts, I got my very own fake tweet from fake Kathleen Matthews. I’ve made the fake big time!   

Those Monsters Killed The Poor #Blimp

All that poor thing wanted was to find a hotel for a little down time, and they murdered it. Bastards. The massive Army blimp that broke free from its mooring and drifted from Maryland to Pennsylvania is “actually still deflating,” a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.  “I am not able to give you the mechanics of exactly how they’re deflating it,” said Navy… Read more »


Jonathan Shurberg   October 28, 2015   No Comments on #Blimp

I just like typing the word “blimp.” It makes me happy. The idiots at DOD who greenlighted this project , they’re not happy quite so much. Another thing I enjoy: pictures of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Those make me very happy too.    Also this Twitter account. #BlimpLife  

The Greatest Political Ad Never Made

A couple of days ago, I learned of a video, which appears to have been made in the 1970s, promoting AFSCME, one of the country’s largest and most powerful unions. Nobody know what happened to the audio from the original ad, but apparently, somebody from a local TV station took the video and did an alternate audio track featuring a… Read more »