Monthly Archives: March 2015

End of the Month Summary

To think that a month ago, Maryland 2016 was going to be a sleepy little remote outpost. Hillary Clinton or another Democrat would win the state’s 10 electoral votes, Barbara Mikulski was going to be reelected for another term, and everyone would be focused on reclaiming the governor’s seat in 2018. Well. Wherever we are now, it ain’t that place…. Read more »

Susan Lee - Ready to Run?

According to my sources, District 16 Senator Susan Lee may have been the last CD8 candidate to appear on the map, but she is moving fast. It appears she may be the next candidate formally into the race in the very near future. Two candidates who started fast in terms of the conversation appear now to have cooled in their… Read more »

Exclusive Audio - Chris Van Hollen, John Sarbanes and Phil Andrews on Campaign Finance Reform

Hot off the presses audio you won’t find anywhere else! Maryland PIRG had an event in College Park last night to discuss campaign finance issues. Scheduled to appear were Chris Van Hollen, Donna Edwards, John Sarbanes and former Montgomery County Councilman Phil Andrews (author of the county’s public financing law passed last year). Van Hollen gave opening remarks and then… Read more »

House Act Blue Numbers

Most of the candidates in the emerging House races haven’t, I suspect, even formed FEC entities to receive money yet (let’s remember that it was just four weeks ago that Senator Mikulski announced her retirement), much less created Act Blue accounts. But two candidates in CD4 are up and running on Act Blue. Anthony Brown: 24 contributions, $5,230 (average $218)… Read more »

Senate Act Blue Update

A while back, before this establishment of low morals and ill repute existed, I posted on Facebook a comparison of the online fundraising efforts of Senate candidates Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards. For those who came in late, here’s what we saw: Van Hollen: 250 contributions, $176,378 (average $706) Edwards: 2,309 contributions, $83,149 (average $36) Slightly over 2-1 advantage… Read more »

Shit’s About to Get Real

First the news, then an opinion. News: Multiple sources report that Elijah Cummings will this week declare his candidacy in the Senate race. Opinion: The Cummings declaration will break this race open, with potentially as many as 3-4 additional top-tier candidates jumping in. John Delaney, John Sarbanes. Heather Mizeur - the phone is ringing. Six open congressional seats? Be still… Read more »