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Game On

Jonathan Shurberg   February 1, 2016   1 Comment on Game On

As fascinating as the news being made here in Maryland the past several days, there’s actually more important things going on elsewhere. The Iowa caucuses are tonight! OMG OMG OMG!! I’ll be doing some live coverage tonight and here’s a special treat: national corespondent Dave Asche will be debuting tonight as a real time blogger. So look for not just… Read more »

The Post And Bernie Sanders - Again

Apparently, Charlie Pierce and I did not get all of Fred Hiatt’s bowels yesterday, and Dr. Pierce is even less enamored of mornings than I am, so I’ll have to at least prep the patient for another surgery today. Apparently, the Post has just now discovered that around election time, politicians make extravagant promises that are unlikely to be kept. Oh,… Read more »

Dave Asche Works Fast: Debate Review

Debate only ended a little over an hour ago, but he’s already got a writeup for y’all. He watched so I didn’t have to. He’s a good man, that Dave Asche. The Republican candidates for President of the United States just concluded their final debate before Iowa and New Hampshire go to the polls to, finally, start the actual voting… Read more »

Wherein Charles Pierce Conducts Today’s Disembowelment Of Fred Hiatt

The offending editorial is here. It says many dumb and stupid things about Bernie Sanders, because Fred Hiatt is offended by Bernie Sanders bringing up issues with which Fred Hiatt does not agree. Its rousing conclusion states that Sanders’ success in the polls so far “merely proves that many progressives like being told everything they want to hear.” Apparently, conservatives are… Read more »

The Post Is At It Again

It doesn’t matter ultimately, and they’re entitled to whatever opinion they want, but it’s clear this morning that the Post isn’t satisfied to simply have an opinion - they want readers, particularly casual ones, to believe that everyone else shares their view. Which leads them to some pretty heavy duty cherry picking and deception. Our favorite hack Chris Cillizza says Sanders… Read more »

Debate Quick Takes

Clinton did a good job pinning down Sanders on guns and health care, as well as pointing out Sanders’ opposition to many Obama initiatives. Sanders scored some good points on Clinton’s connections to big money. O’Malley had a hard time getting a chance to speak but was very good on the few occasions he did. Verdict: Sanders’ points will earn… Read more »

Trump Or Cruz: Who’d You Rather Face? 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the GOP nominee is going to be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz (or as the Post recently referred to them, syphillis or gonorrhea). So from the perspective of Democrats, who’d make the more favorable opponent? I vote for Trump. Ted Cruz may be unpleasant but he knows what it’s like to be a candidate, how… Read more »

Dave Asche Grades The Debate

I gave quick grades last night that as it happens mainly coincide with Dave’s view. I’ll have more later today, but for right now I’ll throw in Politico Playbook’s lead paragraph this morning, an anonymous quote from a “smart Republican” on the debate: PLAYBOOK IN-BOX – A smart Republican’s take on last night Fox Business debate: “To me the morning story is… Read more »