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Um, Hey Josh Hicks, Can I Have A Word?

So Josh Hicks of the Post decides to jump in way too early and try to list the potential candidates for the eventual open District 20 Senate seat. And promptly breaks an ankle. Democrats are already discussing who should fill Raskin’s seat should he win in November. The possibilities include freshman state Del. William C. Smith Jr. (Montgomery), who is 33… Read more »

Dana Beyer On MD-SEN

Dana Beyer’s latest Huffington Post column takes on the issues in the Maryland Senate race. It was about something that Aristotle once called Ethos, and which today we characterize as Integrity. Honesty, Civility, Credibility, Decency, Loyalty and maybe even the archaic concept of Honor, all make up Integrity. * * * In politics, integrity means something a little different from its… Read more »

Baltimore City Absentees

Today is absentee ballot day, and in the Baltimore mayoral race, Catherine Pugh leads Sheila Dixon by 2,574 votes. My sources advise that around 3,800 absentee ballots are being counted today, with a much smaller number to be counted next week. While it’s mathematically possible for Sheila Dixon to catch up, the chances of that happening are infinitesimally small. To… Read more »

Democrats Screw Up a Big Opportunity in Virginia’s 2nd District

I missed this story from a couple of weeks ago but, late or not, I feel the need to share this. In a stunning display of incompetence, the Democratic Party failed to recruit more than one qualified candidate to run in Virginia’s second congressional district before the filing deadline, which fell on March 31. As a result of this, no primary… Read more »

Good Vs. Bad MD-SEN Analysis

I’ve been more than a little bit critical of the national media’s coverage of the Maryland campaigns over the past year. From the caricaturing of Montgomery County as a “rich, tony” place full of nothing but white people to the more recent trope that the Senate primary was a racial civil war, the national coverage has been nothing short of… Read more »

Some Day After Musings

I’ve started on an analysis of last night’s results, but it’s going to take some time to get my thoughts in order. So here’s some random thoughts. Congratulations to the winners: Chris Van Hollen, Jamie Raskin and Anthony Brown. Lots of friends with all of those campaigns, congratulations to each and every one of them. Nik Sushka put her heart… Read more »

Ted Cruz to Make a “Major Announcement” at 4:00 p.m.

Fresh off of a night where he finished in third place behind Trump and Kasich in four of five contests, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign says he will be making a “major announcement” today at 4:00 p.m. Many are expecting he will name his running mate and the name that is getting thrown around right now is Carly Fiorina, the… Read more »