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Rating The Leisure World Debate

Both Bill Turque of the Post and Lou Peck of Bethesda Magazine assessed the candidates’ performance at the Leisure World debate Sunday afternoon. First, Turque’s thoughts: Democrats running for office in Montgomery County know they have to bring their A-game to Leisure World. The Silver Spring senior community of 8,000 is packed with active, knowledgeable voters who faithfully turn out for elections. It is… Read more »

Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad

Well, that was more work than I planned on. So after the minions went into meltdown mode this afternoon, I got my iPhone reset (problem is still there, however, might be time for a new device), saved the video before it expired this afternoon, but failed to figure out how Periscope ate an hour of the video right in the… Read more »

Another CD8 Debate

This afternoon at 2:00 at Leisure World. Video live on Periscope. A few people recently weren’t sure how to watch live. The easiest way is to get the Periscope app, which can be found here. Once you have the app, follow me, either under my name, Jonathan Shurberg, or Twitter handle, @MDScramble (it’s a Twitter-related app). Go to Periscope around 2… Read more »

Instant GOP Debate Analysis

Winners: Christie: pummeled the snot out of Rubio, but did not come off as a bully. Stayed on message, didn’t falter. Kasich: successfully portrayed himself as a happy conservative, cheerful, warm and fuzzy. Trump: didn’t fight too much with Cruz, but got his shots in. Otherwise, was content to see Rubio get used as a punching bag. If he doesn’t… Read more »

Dave Asche Has Questions

Or at least wishes debate moderators would ask better ones, anyway. My answer is that candidates are ruthlessly trained to flip any difficult question back to their comfort zone, and to simply ignore issues that don’t suit the preferences of the base. So even a diligent moderator is going to give up at some point and just revert to throwing… Read more »

O’Malley Invited To Sunday Debate

It really shouldn’t have been a question, and it took far too long to resolve, but former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has been invited by NBC to participate in the Sunday night debate in Charleston. NBC News invited all three Democratic presidential candidates to debate Sunday night in Charleston, S.C., including Martin O’Malley. There had been some doubt whether O’Malley would… Read more »

Another Take On The CD8 Debate

Dana Beyer was also at the CD8 debate Tuesdwy night, and wrote up her thoughts for her weekly Huffington Post column. This was previously published here, and is reprinted in full with Dana’s permission. Dana is right that where there is little to separate the candidates on their basic qualifications for the office they seek, other factors become relevant, such as… Read more »

Pictures And Words 

So in addition to my brilliant analysis of the debate last night, Bill Turque of the Post and Lou Peck of Bethesda Magazine also have some thoughts as well. And Kevin Gillogly has a great set of photos from the event posted here. Both reporters stressed the generally agreeable tone of the debate and the lack of sparks between the candidates. Turque: On the issues,… Read more »