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Cabin Fever Is Setting In

I think people are getting a little nutty being cooped up in their houses this weekend with the 25 or so inches of snow that’s fallen. How can I tell? Here’s some evidence: Adam Pagnucco says because Peter Franchot got more votes than Anthony Brown, he’s the most powerful Democratic politician in Maryland. No allowance for the fact that Franchot’s 2014… Read more »

George Leventhal Responds To Franchot Report 

From Facebook: I like and respect my old friend Comptroller Peter Franchot but I wish he would exercise more due diligence and help Montgomery County government figure out means to mitigate the damage that would be done to our operating and capital budgets by giving away a profitable asset (liquor sales) to private interests and getting nothing in return. It seems… Read more »

The Inigo Montoya Alcohol Report

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” The word in this case being not “inconceivable,” but “revenue.” Yesterday, Comptroller Peter Franchot held an event to tout his new “report” about all the “revenue” that will be gained by doing away with Montgomery County’s alcohol monopoly. I kept hearing Inigo Montoya’s voice over… Read more »

Peter Writes Back To Mike

Got a copy of a letter from Comptroller Peter Franchot today, responding to yesterday’s love note from Senate President Mike Miller. The tone is intermittently pleasant, nasty, hectoring, and threatening. As before, here’s a series of photos of the whole thing. My only editorial comment is that after two letters from Franchot and one from Miller, it’s kind of hilariously… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Miller Writes A Letter

Maryland Scramble has been provided with a copy of a blistering letter from Senate President Mike Miller to Comptroller Peter Franchot. And what a letter it is. If ever a letter could leave burn marks on its way to the recipient, this is that letter.  Miller’s letter is a response to Franchot’s letter to Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch dated… Read more »

CouchGate Is Over

If Larry Hogan is going to get any traction on his war with former Governor Martin O’Malley, he’s not getting any help from the office of Attorney General Brian Frosh. CouchGate, the manufactured flap over O’Malley’s purchase of nine year old furniture, failed to launch this week. The Maryland State Ethics Commission will not launch an inquiry related to former governor… Read more »

The Gloves Come Off

Larry Hogan is taking some free punches at former Governor Martin O’Malley, first over the furniture deal and now about O’Malley’s contract with a state vendor. While Comptroller Peter Franchot brought up the issue, it was Hogan who took the opportunity to pile on - again. It’s gonna get ugly. A key piece of former governor and presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley’s… Read more »