Hoganomics: The Floating Train Lives!

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Back in June, Senator Roger Manno mocked Larry Hogan’s fascination with the “floating train” also known as maglev.

Well, Maryland has now received $28 million in federal funding to study the the floating train.

The U.S. Transportation Department has awarded nearly $28 million to conduct studies on building a high-speed rail line that would carry passengers between Washington and Baltimore in about 15 minutes, according to Maryland officials.

The money will support ­private-sector efforts to bring magnetic-levitation trains to the region as part of a larger vision for building a maglev system along the Northeast Corridor.

Maryland’s Department of Transportation and the state’s Economic Development Corporation applied for the federal funds in April, with an understanding that the Japanese government and Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail, a private group, would provide significant investments for the project.

“The ability to travel between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in only 15 minutes will be absolutely transformative, not just for these two cities, but for our entire state,” Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said in a statement. 

Current travel time from DC to Baltimore - 1-1 1/2 hours

Maglev travel time from DC to Baltimore - 15 minutes, plus 1 hour to get anywhere in Baltimore because LARRY HOGAN CANCELLED THE RED LINE.

Net savings - $2.9 billion for Red Line. 

Net cost: $5 billion for Maglev.

So the idea is to spend $2.1 billion more for the Maglev than the Red Line for no appreciable benefit to Baltimore or Maryland residents. Hmmmmmm.

But hey, that train is VERY COOL. And it goes VERY FAST. And it FLOATS.

I guess this is Hoganomics at work.

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  1. Ed Levy

    A very good take-down of Hogan’s unimpressive transportation policy. Maybe if we got him to visit a public school, he would release the $68 million he is withholding from public schools. After all, just see what one train trip can do.


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