“Floating Train”

Roger Manno is not a big fan of Larry Hogan’s fascination with maglev trains. At a legislative hearing yesterday, that became abundantly clear. Bryan Sears of the Daily Record has the hilarious scoop:

Montgomery County Sen. Roger Manno may not be the biggest fan of Gov. Larry Hogan’s plan to explore bringing high speed magnetic levitation trains to Maryland.

Manno struck a subtly mocking tone during a question and answer presentation with state Transportation Sec. Pete K. Rahn in which the senator referred to the proposed maglev train as a “floating train” no fewer than seven times.

“Cool, it sounds cool,” Manno said in response to Rahn’s attempt to explain the train and its technology. “It goes like 400 miles an hour or something like that?”

* * *

The thrust of Manno’s gentle mocking, however, was really focused on a pending decision by Hogan and Rahn on the proposed Purple Line that will run between Prince George’s and Montgomery County and the proposed Red Line that will run from east Baltimore to western Baltimore County. The combined cost of the two projects is approaching $6 billion.

* * *

“Respectfully, I know you all traveled halfway across the world to ride on this really cool floating train and I would urge you to please take a little bit of time, and I’d be happy to be your chaperones and tour those very important lines, the Red Line and Purple Line right here in Maryland,” Manno said.

Twitter link here. Nice glamour shot, Roger!