2015 Top Posts: #16-20

Continuing our walk down Memory Lane, here’s five more posts y’all really liked in 2015.

20. New CD8 Candidate An August 4 post that introduced David Anderson as a candidate in the CD8 race.

19. Glass Houses? In the aftermath of the Charleston church shootings and the Confederate battle flag, my June 22 contribution to the conversation about the Confederate cavalry statue across from the Circuit Court building in Rockville. The statue will likely be removed from the courthouse location in 2016.

 18. BOMBSHELL In CD8 A silly and snarky (boy, do I love that word today!) September 28 post about the misidentification of Jamie Raskin as a woman by an Orlando newspaper following his endorsement by the Progressive Chsnge Campaign Committee and Democracy for America.

17. Raskin Hire?! My April 9 scoop about Jamie Raskin’s hiring of Marshall Cohen as his campaign manager. Marshall has joked to me that more people have read his LinkedIn profile from my post than all other sources combined.

16. Our Story Thus Far . . . . The granddaddy of all blog posts, the very first one I wrote when the lights came up on March 21. Reading it today for the first time in many months, I’m struck by how much I didn’t say in that post. It’s still a good place to start but it’s by no means where you should end.

2015 Top Posts: #21-25

Over the course of the week, I’ll be counting down the top 25 posts of 2015 (as of today, there have been 1,453 posts on Maryland Scramble to date). Today we’ll start with 21 through 25. In reverse order, of course - it’s a countdown show, after all.

25. Pena-Melnyk Lit Piece Starting off our countdown, a July 4 post that highlighted the first lit piece in any of the campaigns. An early indication of the hard work and diligence that has seen Joseline Pena-Melnyk earn the lion’s share of the endorsements in the CD4 race.

24. Anti-Semitism In Prince George’s One of the blog’s first big stories, written May 5, about a mail piece that depicted Ike Leggett and Rushern Baker as dogs doing the bidding of Chris Van Hollen, Steny Hoyer and Ben Cardin to keep Donna Edwards from winning the Senate seat.

23. BREAKING: Van Hollen COH The critical July 20 post that established Chris Van Hollen’s complete dominance of the fundraising contest in the Senate race.

22. Is Donna Edwards #McConnelling? A lighthearted November 6 post that also highlighted the role that independent expenditure spending is going to have on the Senate race. If you didn’t know what “B-roll” was, you do now.

21. “MARTIN O’MALLEY IS SO HOT OH MY GOD” This October 14 post, which links to a Buzzfeed article that shows our former governor in a bathing suit, has been consistently viewed ever since. America discovered after the first Democratic debate what we’ve known in Maryland for a long time: the guy looks good with his shirt off.

More tomorrow.

November Top Posts

The top 16 posts (there was a tie for 15th) for the month of November. Happy (re)reading.

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