Whisper Whisper

Some news tomorrow? No promises, but this guy wearing a dark coat and sunglasses and pushing a grocery cart in downtown Silver Spring told me tonight that Monday could be an interesting morning. My spidey sense is all atingle - or it could be the pain meds. Hard to tell right now. Check back tomorrow and let’s see what happens.

Rumor Mill Tease

I’m hearing some serious utterly unsubstantiated rumors about this, that and the other thing. With any luck, I might have something substantial enough to report before tomorrow night. That would be fun, wouldn’t it? “Working hard to deliver you the news before it becomes the news for over six months now.”

The Thunder Rolls

Sometimes you don’t know which threatening storm cloud is going to produce rain first. In this case, the one I was sure was going to break tonight - didn’t. And the one that seemed a little more distant just erupted into a monster thunderstorm.

Plus, I get to use a country song title that would have made my Texan wife insane - she HATED Garth Brooks. And I so enjoyed driving her crazy.

I have one loose end to tie up tonight, then tomorrow you get what you want - news you can’t get anywhere else. A tease, but in this case a necessary one. It’s that good a story. Really.

And rest assured, the other story is still working too - but it’s not ready just yet. Soon, though. Again, really.

Sleep tight, boys and girls.

A Distant Rumble Of Thunder

That sound in the distance? It’s the rumble of a rumor about to turn into a really, really interesting story. I don’t have enough - even with my notoriously low standards - to tell you now, but before the night is over, word is it’s gonna be out there. Pass me some popcorn.

Rumor Control

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday, I received several calls and texts reporting the same rumor. I investigated them thoroughly - that’s my job - and came to a definitive conclusion. I am here now to provide my report.

I am not now, nor will I be, a candidate for either Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee  vacancy up for a vote on June 9.

You may now carry on with your regularly scheduled Thursday morning activities.

Midweek Tease

I have absolutely exclusive, hot off the presses breaking news you can’t get anywhere else. I promise. Nobody else will be able to tell you what I know. I guarantee it.

I think I’ll make y’all wait to hear it, though. Because I am a dreadful, terrible jerk. Come back tomorrow morning.