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More Women In Politics, Please

Photoshop is some powerful stuff. Mother Jones this week, citing to a video by Elle UK: The current pace at which women are elected to office in the United States and abroad is incredibly slow. A recent study cited in the Nation found that gender equality in American politics won’t be seen for another 500 years— a demoralizing trend that’s also evident… Read more »

CD4 Candidate Forum

Five congressional candidates in CD4 attended an event held by the United Democratic Women of Maryland in Crofton on Saturday. Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller opened the event in Crofton by addressing recent losses by Democrats. “Things are tough in Southern Maryland,” he said. “But it’s going to get better.” Former Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, Warren Christopher, Del. Joseline… Read more »

Biden Isn’t Running And If He Does He Shouldn’t Win

Charles Pierce speaks for me, as he so often does. This about sums up my feelings on the still-looming Biden campaign, now in its eighth week atop the breathless Politico standings: The whole Biden shadow play is getting very, very old. The inclusion of him in current polling models is one very small step short of ratfcking Hillary Clinton’s numbers, and… Read more »

Dem Legislators To Hogan: Don’t Mess With Planned Parenthood

“Mess” was not my first choice of verb there, but I don’t want to get anybody in trouble for my potty mouth, so I switched it. It’s a family blog - sometimes. Delegates Ariana Kelly of Bethesda and Shelly Hettleman of Baltimore County wrote and circulated a powerful letter to Governor Larry Hogan regarding Planned Parenthood funding in Maryland. An… Read more »

Is Jeb Bush TRYING To Look Stupid?

If so, congratulations, dude. You did it. You managed to look worse on women’s issues than Donald Trump. That’s really quite a feat.  On Friday night, Trump touched off a firestorm of controversy, saying in reference to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” It prompted RedState’s Erick Erickson… Read more »