Edwards Responds

Think of the Senate race as an old-fashioned artillery duel. Chris Van Hollen opened with a massive salvo of artillery, bringing down withering fire on Edwards’ flanks in Baltimore. As the smoke cleared from the advertising onslaught, with the accompanying poll results, the big question was this: how damaged was the Edwards artillery? Were her troops dispirited, her will to press on in battle broken?

Well, today brings the answer. Edwards’ guns have not been silenced - in fact they’ve been reinforced and are getting ready to level a blast of grapeshot right back at Van Hollen’s infantry. Courtesy of EMILY’s List.

Game on. Civil War artillery metaphor over - for now.

A powerful political group that helped elect Barbara A. Mikulski to the Senate nearly 30 years ago will spend $1 million in advertising for Rep. Donna F. Edwards’ campaign to be her successor, helping to close an advertising gap with her better-funded opponent.

Emily’s List, the Washington-based group that helps elect Democratic women who support abortion rights, will begin the Baltimore-focused campaign on Tuesday, a week after a poll for The Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore showed Rep. Chris Van Hollen with a double-digit lead in the race.
The investment is significant in part because it signals Emily’s List plans to be a factor in the contest, helping Edwards raise her profile and compete for television air time. Van Hollen, who has more than 10 times the cash on hand, has already run three broadcast ads in Baltimore.
The group will spend $875,000 on cable and broadcast ads alone, plus another $146,000 on radio and digital spots. The ads will run over six weeks and will target African American women. The ad campaign is paid for through WOMEN VOTE!, the group’s super PAC, which spent more than $12 million in the 2014 election cycle.

Conveniently enough, here’s the proof of what $1 million gets you in an IE buy in Baltimore.

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