The Thunder Rolls

-45Days -13Hours -3Minuts -11Seconds

Sometimes you don’t know which threatening storm cloud is going to produce rain first. In this case, the one I was sure was going to break tonight - didn’t. And the one that seemed a little more distant just erupted into a monster thunderstorm.

Plus, I get to use a country song title that would have made my Texan wife insane - she HATED Garth Brooks. And I so enjoyed driving her crazy.

I have one loose end to tie up tonight, then tomorrow you get what you want - news you can’t get anywhere else. A tease, but in this case a necessary one. It’s that good a story. Really.

And rest assured, the other story is still working too - but it’s not ready just yet. Soon, though. Again, really.

Sleep tight, boys and girls.

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