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Adam Pagnucco Assesses The CD8 Race

Adam Pagnucco at Seventh State has written a series of posts on how each of the top three CD8 candidates could come out on top. Each one talks candidate strengths and weaknesses, has some anonymous sources commenting on the campaign, and finishes with what needs to happen for each to win. So no matter which one you want to win… Read more »

The Looming Shadow Of GOP Power In MD

Adam Pagnucco has another interesting series going, this one on the growing number of counties in which Republicans have seized control over local governments beginning in 2003. Part I compares the administrations of GOP Governors Ehrlich and Hogan, Part II looks at the increasing number of GOP senators and delegates, and Part III looks at county executives and county councils in charter counties. Monday morning will… Read more »

Cabin Fever Is Setting In

I think people are getting a little nutty being cooped up in their houses this weekend with the 25 or so inches of snow that’s fallen. How can I tell? Here’s some evidence: Adam Pagnucco says because Peter Franchot got more votes than Anthony Brown, he’s the most powerful Democratic politician in Maryland. No allowance for the fact that Franchot’s 2014… Read more »