April Summary - Top 15 Posts

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These are the 15 most clicked on posts for the month of April, the first full month of operation of this establishment. I’ll do a similar summary at the end of each month. Clickable for your viewing pleasure.

Raskin Hire?!
A Textbook “Don’t”
Will Jawando
So Here’s A Crazy Idea
Weekend CD4 Update
Floreen Statement
SEIU for Valerie Ervin?
So You Wanna Work On a Campaign . . .
John Delaney Is Running . . .
The Persistent Rumor
State of Play
Summary of the Races
Primary Date
Hogan = Ehrlich? A Sine Die Meditation
One Month
Thoughts on the Senate Race - Part the First
When It Rains . . .
Dueling Endorsements

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