Former Rockville Mayors Endorse Newton

An astute reader sent me the following letter of endorsement from five former Rockville mayors for current mayor Bridget Donnell Newton. Not taking sides, just passing it along for your information.


Later on today, I’ll have another story on the Rockville mayoral race in which blogger David Lublin, like a bad penny, turns up yet again. This time, he prints an allegation fed to him by a campaign, the campaign then cites his story in a press release, and this morning he simply reprints the press release. Points for recycling, but not much more than that.

As I’ll note later, I too got the press release, and there were such obvious and apparent problems with it that required follow up that I simply elected not to use the information. Being a good blogger is not being a conduit for your favorite candidate - there’s a lot more to it than that. At least as I see it, anyway.

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