Metro Jacking Up MoCo Over Transit Center?

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It certainly looks like a shakedown to me. Bill Turque has the details late this evening:

Metro has told Montgomery County officials that some of the recent repairs to the Silver Spring Transit Center are showing “signs of degradation,” and it is asking the county for $15 million to cover future maintenance and repair.

County officials, in turn, accuse Metro of attempting to hold “hostage” the delivery of the problem-plagued facility to the transit agency until its demands are met.

The new round of charge-and-countercharge is the latest in a long history of interagency discord surrounding the three-level commuter hub, which is four years late and $50 million over budget because of design and construction issues.

There’s more - go read it. Should be an interesting stare down over the next few days. Expect lots of mean words to be flung about by both sides.

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