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O’Malley Invited To Sunday Debate

It really shouldn’t have been a question, and it took far too long to resolve, but former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has been invited by NBC to participate in the Sunday night debate in Charleston. NBC News invited all three Democratic presidential candidates to debate Sunday night in Charleston, S.C., including Martin O’Malley. There had been some doubt whether O’Malley would… Read more »

Guest Blog: Dave Asche Makes Predictions

   He’s a braver man than me, that Dave Asche. He plays out the remaining months of both parties’ presidential primaries and predicts the outcomes. He likes Rubio: I’m not impressed. I think it’s going to be either Cruz (more likely) or Trump (less likely). But hey, this is Dave’s column. Here you go. Happy 2016, everybody. It’s hard to… Read more »

Breaking Down Maryland Democrats

So we’re running a statewide Democratic primary. Let’s start simple. How many registered Democrats are there? That one’s easy: as of September 30, the last monthly report from the State Board of Elections, there are 2,020,200 “active Democrats.”    Active Democrats, that sounds like a complete category, right? Ah, but it isn’t. How do I know this? Long story short, I… Read more »

Can I Get A “Wow, You Were Right”?

I’ve argued for months that Joe Biden’s support in the polls was largely at the expense of Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders acolytes chased me with pitchforks and torches, saying no, no, there was a lot of Biden/Sanders synergy. In a word: horseshit. With Vice President Joe Biden officially out of the running and the Benghazi testimony behind her, Hillary Clinton has… Read more »

NV and SC Polls: Clinton Far Ahead

Iowa and New Hampshire have proven to be fertile ground for Bernie Sanders, but when the terrain shifts to more diverse states, Hillary Clinton continues to dominate. CNN has new poll data in both states: Clinton has the support of 50% of those who say they are likely to attend the Democratic caucus scheduled for February 20 in Nevada — which plays… Read more »