CD4 Burn Rates And Analysis

-2Days -11Hours -9Minuts -48Seconds

Glenn Ivey $62,063.70 expenses/$197,269.85 raised (31.46% burn rate)
Joseline Pena-Melnyk $70,734.33/$146,821.39 (48.18%)
Dereck Davis $52,174.99/$151,077.00 (34.54%)
Anthony Brown $86,103.63/$102,564.30 (83.95%)
Ingrid Turner $42,625.45/$11,971.00 ($20K loan repayment) (356.07% w/repayment, 189.00% w/o repayment)
Warren Christopher $69,087.54/$45,852.84 ($50K loan repayment) (150.67% w/repayment, 41.63% w/o repayment)
Alvin Thornton $4,229.11/$3,174.00 (133.24%)
Terence Strait $3,280.11//$438.18 (748.58%)

This race is a four horse race and one of the horses has pulled up lame. Anthony Brown had a terrible quarter. He continues to poll better than he should based purely on name recognition - and he might still win on this basis. But he’s going to have a hard time doing any serious media, as he has faltered badly both in money raised and in overspending. Glenn Ivey is set up nicely and so is Joseline Pena-Melnyk. Dereck Davis had his best fundraising quarter yet relative to the field, just edging out Pena-Melnyk for second place, and spending frugally. But whether it’s Ivey or Pena-Melnyk’s poll, Davis is lagging badly in actual support. I think the money reflects the race right now, with Brown having a decided edge in name recognition that might pull him through. But he’s not going to win this race on fundraising, at which he should have done vastly better.

Some additional news coming in a few minutes that will have a significant impact on this race. Come on back for more!

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