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I Think I’ll Take The Over On This One

Economist Arthur Lafferty, the “brains” behind discredited theories of increasing revenue through tax cuts (the Laffer curve)’ yesterday predicted a GOP landslide in the 2016 general election. Given his track record in economics, I’m not exactly sure why anyone should care what he says about elections. Supply-side economist Arthur Laffer is predicting Republicans will win the White House in a landslide this year,… Read more »

Guest Blog: Dave Asche Makes Predictions

   He’s a braver man than me, that Dave Asche. He plays out the remaining months of both parties’ presidential primaries and predicts the outcomes. He likes Rubio: I’m not impressed. I think it’s going to be either Cruz (more likely) or Trump (less likely). But hey, this is Dave’s column. Here you go. Happy 2016, everybody. It’s hard to… Read more »

Tomorrow’s News Tonight

No, not the title of a new John Oliver psychic show, but a confident prediction of what we’ll be reading about when the sun comes up on a Wednesday morning: Anonymous Oriental rug experts posing as political pundits will report that responsibility for today’s North Korean nuclear test should be squarely placed on the shoulders of “atheist heathen” CD8 candidate Jamie Raskin.

$$$ Expectations in CD8

Between now and July 15, FEC reports are required to filed for all Senate and House candidates who filed their candidacies before June 30. In CD8, that means we’re going to be hearing from Ana Sol Gutierrez, Will Jawando, Kathleen Matthews and Jamie Raskin, all for the first time. Kumar Barve filed a report in April, reporting $66,000 in contributions…. Read more »