BREAKING: Cummings Files For Reelection In CD7 [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE: Or not, as it turns out. It was on the website, then it was gone. I spoke late this afternoon with Jared DeMariniss of the State Board of Elections, who explained that a clerical error led to the website showing Elijah Cummings as a filed CD7 candidate. Cummings was expected to come in to the office to file something today and they took his old information to get it ready for his arrival and that in the process of that happening, the data inadvertently went live. Jared stressed that the BOE had no knowledge of what office Cummings intends to file for, that they simply took his existing information from precious filings. So we’re back to Lucy and the football. As a result of all this, we’ve gotten national coverage from Daily Kos and Roll Call, so it’s not all bad. 😜😛😎😜😛😎 I love politics.]
I was going to write about this story, the umpteenth “will he or won’t he?” story about Elijah Cummings, and use it as one last opportunity to use the Lucy/Charlie Brown football picture, but by the time I got to writing it today I also saw this update from the State Board of Elections, showing that Cummings has filed for reelection in CD7. Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards can now officially exhale.


For all the false starts, whispered rumors, and eventual pullbacks, I salute Congressman Elijah Cummings. He looked hard st his options, and made a decide that, while not as exciting as us adrenaline junkies might have wanted, was the right one for him. In his honor, and for the last time in this cycle, I give you Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football.


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  2. Charly

    Not surprised. He would have had to start putting together a field operation long before now. That would have been hard to keep quiet.


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