CD8 Q4 Burn Rates And Analysis

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Kathleen Matthews $247,647.84 expenses/$503,888.33 (49.15% burn rate)
Jamie Raskin $201,148.98/$376,561.22 (53.42%)
Kumar Barve $100,382.45/$112,576.16 (89.17%)
Will Jawando $63,215.21/$82,182.00 (76.92%)
Ana Sol-Gutierrez $20,931.29/$32,671.00 (64.07%)
Joel Rubin $87,514.81/$159,258.22 (54.95%)
David Anderson $44,397.01/$43,250.24 (102.65%)

Only Raskin, Matthews and Rubin maintained remotely reasonable burn rates. In a perfect world, the rates would be well under 50% with another full quarter and change to go. Barve, Jawando and Anderson (who, with his loan balance, has a functionally insolvent campaign) had catastrophically low receipts and high expenditures.

That’s a very fair dividing line between Q4 winners and losers in the money race here. To Rubin’s take must be added the reported $100K raked in by a super PAC. Whether any of this will translate into significant numbers of votes is another question.

And Raskin and Matthews are both looking up at the looming specter of David Trone’s reaching into his very deep pockets. I’m guessing that he’s already spent more than both Matthews and Raskin combined - in a week. How that dynamic plays out and who it affects most is now the compelling question in this race.

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