Another CD8 Debate

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This afternoon at 2:00 at Leisure World. Video live on Periscope.

A few people recently weren’t sure how to watch live. The easiest way is to get the Periscope app, which can be found here.

Once you have the app, follow me, either under my name, Jonathan Shurberg, or Twitter handle, @MDScramble (it’s a Twitter-related app). Go to Periscope around 2 or a little after and when I start recording, you’ll get a notification that someone you follow is broadcasting live. Click on that, and you’re seeing what I’m seeing.

The other way is to wait for the automatic tweet to come up on my Twitter feed. That will have a temporary link to watch the video, which expires after 24 hours. But you’ll miss at least the first few minutes that way before the link posts.

Finally, I also have the app set to automatically save the video to my camera roll, from which I can post the video to YouTube. But that won’t be live, it will be several hours or longer before I get a chance to post it.

See you in 45 minutes!

One thought on “Another CD8 Debate

  1. slk

    hi jonathan - we met this afternoon @ the forum (not really a debate) - what is the link to watch your iphone video?

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