BREAKING: SEIU Endorses Pugh For Mayor

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In a major development in the Baltimore mayoral race, SEIU Local 500 and the SEIU Maryland/DC State Council are endorsing Catherine Pugh for mayor. Here’s the press release from within the past hour:

SEIU Local 500, SEIU Maryland/DC State Council, Endorse Senator Catherine Pugh for Baltimore Mayor

Local 500 President Cites Pugh’s Support for Worker Rights, Sick Leave

(Annapolis, MD) SEIU Local 500 and SEIU Maryland/DC State Council President Merle Cuttitta and SEIU activists will be joined by Senator Pugh to formally announce their endorsement of Pugh in the Democratic primary for mayor of Baltimore.

President Cuttitta was proud of the union’s decision to endorse a staunch advocate for worker rights:

“Catherine’s work on behalf of Baltimore families and working people across Maryland made her the obvious choice. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, she has been a leader in the fight to expand collective bargaining rights to all employees at Maryland’s community colleges - from adjunct faculty to groundskeepers. Baltimore faces many challenges and to overcome those challenges, that great city needs a mayor whose number one goal is raising families up and giving all working people the opportunity to build a better life of themselves and their community.”

Local 500 member and political activist, Aletheia McCaskill, added:

“I was not surprised when First Lady, Michelle Obama invited Senator Pugh to attend last year’s State of the Union. Senator Pugh’s support for earned sick leave reaped her the invitation and that is just one reason I’m proud to support her. As a child care provider, I have seen how parents struggle between losing a shift at work or taking their sick child to the doctor- or even losing a job. I am proud to be from Baltimore, a city that needs a mayor who puts our families and children first.”

SEIU Local 500 represents over 25,000 workers across the region, including Maryland family childcare providers and adjunct faculty at the Maryland Institute College of Art.


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