BREAKING: Sierra Club Endorses Pena-Melnyk in CD4

A significant endorsement for Joseline Pena-Melnyk from the Sierra Club. Press release from within the past half hour:

Today the Sierra Club announced another endorsement for the 2016 election cycle: Joseline Pena-Melnyk for Maryland Congressional District 4. Last week we endorsed Jamie Raskin for Maryland Congressional District 8. These are two ardent environmentalists who fight for our issues in Annapolis.

Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk has been a staunch supporter of environmental legislation and has worked well with the environmental community in the State Legislature where she represents State District 21. She has a lifetime score of 94% as reported by MD-LCV and she has proved herself to be a fierce fighter for our issues. We know she will be a great representative for District 4.

Sierra Club Endorses Raskin In CD8

Per a Raskin press release with entirely too many gushy adjectives in it even for me, here’s the money quote from Betsy Johnson of the Maryland Sierra Club:

“Senator Jamie Raskin has an extremely compelling record as a passionate environmentalist in Annapolis and has time and again proven his willingness to stand up to powerful political and economic interests to protect the land, the air, the water, and the people,” said Betsy Johnson, Political Chair of the Maryland Sierra Club. “We are proud to support him and believe he will be a great representative for District 8.”

Environmental Forum In CD8

Maryland LCV, the Sierra Club and other organizations are hosting an environmental forum with CD8 candidates on September 30 at the Silver Spring Civic Center. Information is posted here.

Apparently, nobody at LCV reads my blog - sniff, sob, whine - because they still are listing Valerie Ervin as a candidate expected to attend. And either Dave Anderson doesn’t care about attending the event or they didn’t invite him.