Field Trip To Charm City [UPDATED]

Couple of interesting events will compel me to leave the Cheetos-encrusted Maryland Scramble nerve center today for a road trip to Baltimore. This afternoon, International Man of Mystery Elijah Cummings will host an event focusing on our court system’s failure to prevent the legal theft of structured settlements from mentally impaired residents by financial companies. Also present at the University of Baltimore Law School event, by happy coincidence or otherwise, will be Chris Van Hollen and Jamie Raskin, which should make for some interesting questions, if nothing else.

Tonight there is a big Democratic Party event at the American Visionary Art Museum to celebrate the 30 years of Barbara Mikulski’s term as senator. Tickets for the event are a very reasonable $50 and can be purchased here.

So I pretty much to get to see a whole bunch of candidates and poobahs over the next several hours, and only pay $50 plus cheap gas for the privilege. Sounds like a good deal to me.

[UPDATE]: Cummings event postponed. Still going to the Mikulski tribute tonight.

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