Very Sad End For A Superhero

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In case you missed it, Maryland’s own Batman (complete with a Lamborghini Batmobile) was killed yesterday after the Batmobile broke down near Hagerstown.

Lenny Robinson was 51. A tragic loss.

A local businessman who spent his free time dressing up as the Dark Knight and visiting sick kids in Maryland and D.C. hospitals, Robinson’s superhero alter ego went viral in 2012, when a video emerged of police pulling him over in his car, in full costume. He became a sensation, garnering attention on CNN, news programs and even on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but despite the apparent fame his mission never changed: he would always famously proclaim in interviews that he was “just doing it for the kids.”

Robinson went viral back in 2012, when he was pulled over in full costume driving the Batmobile. RIP.

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