Senate Act Blue Update

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A while back, before this establishment of low morals and ill repute existed, I posted on Facebook a comparison of the online fundraising efforts of Senate candidates Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards. For those who came in late, here’s what we saw:

Van Hollen: 250 contributions, $176,378 (average $706)
Edwards: 2,309 contributions, $83,149 (average $36)

Slightly over 2-1 advantage for Van Hollen, with an enormous disparity in average contribution.

With the FEC cutoff looming tomorrow (March 31), it seems like a good time to check back in.

Van Hollen: 623 contributions, $503,137 (average $808)
Edwards: 3,335 contributions, $205,476 (average $61)

Since the first update, both candidates have stepped up their game. Here’s what has happened since March 17:

Van Hollen: 373 contributions, $326,759 (average $876)
Edwards: 1,026 contributions, $122,327 (average $119)

While Edwards has made considerable progress in her average contribution, Van Hollen’s overall fundraising edge has increased from just over 2-1 to just under 2.5-1. We’ll see what the total numbers look like in about two weeks, but for now, we can say this: Advantage Van Hollen.

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