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Baltimore Mayoral Summary Chart

Kevin Gillogly has compiled a summary chart of all mayoral campaign finance filings exclusively for Maryland Scramble. I’ll focus on the top six below, and finish with an assessment of where things stand. To be clear, the opinions are mine, not Kevin’s or anyone else’s. Receipts (exclusive of loans): Pugh $648,000, Dixon $423,000, Embry $415,000, Warnock $361,000, Mosby $320,000, Stokes $180,000… Read more »

Nick Mosby Fundraising Report

Councilman Nick Mosby had been keeping a low profile in the fundraising chatter of late, which had at least a few observers a little nervous. Well, he’s filed his report now, and it’s good. A little heavy on the spending (37% burn rate), but otherwise nothing to complain about. He raised $320,000, spent $118,000, and has $202,000 cash on hand. Now… Read more »

New Baltimore Poll: Dixon Leads

More poll data from Patrick Gonzales, this time in the Baltimore mayoral race: Citywide, 27% of likely April voters say they back former Mayor Sheila Dixon; 18% support State Senator Catherine Pugh; 14% say they’ll vote for 12th District Councilman Carl Stokes; 7% back Nick Mosby; 5% each for Elizabeth Embry and David Warnock; with 21% undecided. Dixon actually polls better… Read more »

Nick Mosby Is Running For Mayor

Confirming what has been expected for several weeks now, Nick Mosby will announce his campaign for Baltimore mayor tomorrow afternoon. City Councilman Nick J. Mosby is joining the race to be Baltimore’s next mayor, saying he can bridge the disconnect between the city’s boardrooms and its street corners. Mosby, 36, a first-term council member from Reservoir Hill, says his upbringing by… Read more »

Nick Mosby For Mayor?

I put in the question mark because there’s been no official decision, but from the tone of this story, City Councilman Nick Mosby is going to run. Mosby, who says he’s wanted the city’s top job since age 8, said Sunday he’s “seriously considering” a run for mayor. Already, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and former Mayor Sheila Dixon are in the field… Read more »