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Maureen Dowd And Hillary Clinton: Here We Go Again

I’ve written more than once about the Washington Post’s obsession with the Clintons, one that goes back to the 1990s. But the other journalistic “institution” that has an unhealthy fixation with Bill and now Hillary Clinton is the New York Times. If you’re too young to remember the 1990s version, the Times is probably worse than the Post, which was… Read more »

Cranking Up The Clinton Wurlitzer, 2016 Style

The Post has a story today that reports that, with great sorrow (yea, verily!) the paper is being forced against its will to report things that it would really just as soon ignore. But Karen Tumulty is a soldier, and she will do what she must in the cause of Journalism (a Pulitzer wouldn’t hurt either). The ghosts of the 1990s have… Read more »

Clinton Rules Get The Pierce Treatment

Charles Pierce has a very straightforward assessment of the current state of the Clinton Rules side of the email non-story. He’s not very happy. The nation should now be convinced of the obvious fact that that the elite political press learned nothing at all from the fact that, throughout the 1990s, they got played like tin whistles by every poolroom… Read more »

Clinton Rules Revisited

I feel like I’m reliving the 1990s. That big New York Times story about the criminal probe of Hillary Clinton and her private email account? Turns out it was wrong, wrong, wrong. And who pointed it out? Freaking Politico! How embarrassing is THAT? The New York Times made small but significant changes to an exclusive report about a potential criminal investigation… Read more »

NYT - 1990s Redux?

One of my great fears about the 2016 election is that national media outlets like the New York Times decide to reprise their roles from the 1990s in terms of their coverage of the Clintons. Some of you out there in reader land aren’t old enough to remember Whitewater, and impeachment, and Lewinsky, and the role the Times and other… Read more »