2015 Top Posts #6-10

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Getting into the really big stories of the year today. Top 10 begins now.

10. More On Rockville In the midst of pre-election frenzy, my attempt on November 2 to separate fact from musslinging frenzy in the Rockville municipal elections.

9. CD8 Poll The first big foray into the wild and crazy world of utterly unscientific online polls, my August 23 post sent readers scurrying over to Scott Ewart’s blog for a rollicking, back and forth battle to claim the crown. Hint: Raskin won, but it got interesting in the end.

8. BREAKING/FIRST LOOK: CD8 Poll Results This time, a real poll, albeit an internal one. On November 23, the Raskin campaign released top lines on its poll showing him with a 9 point lead. So far, the only poll that I have seen, although rumor has it there is other data out there.

7. Jeb Bush: Black Hands Matter One of my favorite Snarkster in Chief moments, on August 21 Jeb Bush discovered the horrible dangers of Photoshop when one of his Super PAC’s photos was revealed to be a doctored picture of a black man.

6. Full Slate In Rockville Elections My August 24 post about the 2015 iteration Of Team Rockville, a post which eventually became a resource for voters looking for information on the candidates in the November 3 contest. This post missed the Top 5 by just 2 clicks. After a recount, the result was confirmed. Remember: every click matters.

Tomorrow, we’ll reach the (very high) heights of the Top 5 posts of 2015. You won’t want to miss it.

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