Anderson Fundraising: $43K

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CD8 candidate David Anderson sent out the following statement today:

“I’m pleased to announce that my fourth quarter of fundraising allows me to continue to run my low-budget grassroots campaign. We raised $43,250 during the quarter, bringing our total raised to $111,432. We have cash on hand of $47,027.

As I said in the beginning of my campaign in August, our plan is to spend less time raising money and more time speaking to actual voters. We’ve done that and will continue to do so. Despite our focus on meeting voters instead of donors, we continue to raise enough money to be competitive. We expect to have raised $150,000-$200,000 by the primary date of April 26.

We are running an underdog campaign against wealthy and well connected candidates who represent the establishment in Montgomery County. We will continue to work to represent the interests of all voters of the 8th, including the often neglected Carroll and Frederick Counties.” 

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