CD8 COH Summary

-3Days -14Hours -10Minuts -53Seconds

As we make the turn for home in CD8, entering the last full quarter of the race, who’s got the biggest chip stack? Boy I love mixing my metaphors like that. Hahaha.

Here you go - you’re welcome. It’s a two horse race, but a late entrant is looking to make a big ol’ splash in the deep end of the pool. 

More stats tomorrow. A similar CD4 list coming in just a few minutes.

Kathleen Matthews $1,147,929.72
Jamie Raskin $869,330.18
Kumar Barve $288,537.75
Will Jawando $215,448.60
Ana Sol-Gutierrez $169,482.67
Joel Rubin $71,743.41
David Anderson $47,027.37 ($50,000 loan outstanding)

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