Party! Tomorrow! Food! Beer! Candidates!

And now, an added bonus - authentic Ethiopian coffee! Tebabu Assefa and his wife, Sara Mussie (owners of Addis Ababa restaurant in Silver Spring as well as Blessed Coffee, the second benefit corporation under Maryland’s new B-Corp law to encourage socially responsible businesses), will be serving their wonderful Ethiopian coffee to early bird arrivals at the party.

Check out Blessed Coffee’s website. It’s a great venture.

By working with Ethiopian coffee cooperatives and directly with 180,000 small farmers that have a stake in BC’s success, BC brings light to the rich Ethiopian coffee tradition and introduces premium grade, shade grown, organic Ethiopian coffees. Getting the coffee directly from the farmers and bypassing several middle agents provides a bigger profit margin (US$2.50 per pound to US$13.00) for coffee growers.

High value profit sharing arrangements and BC’s long standing association with the small coffee growers secures its access to the highest grade of beans in regions renowned for producing the world’s finest coffees. The same arrangements guarantee that quality is maintained in each step of the logistics chain – including 18 quality control checks during the crucial sorting and washing processes. The result is a branded product with a discernable difference in both taste and consistency. 

So now you have even more reason to get here early.

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