MCDCC Meeting Tonight Without Me

I was planning to be there, but some brilliant (not really) Montgomery County State Highway Administration Montgomery transportation person decided to let the WSSC close two of the three lanes of traffic on NB Colesville Road (US 29) here in Silver Spring the past three days (including tomorrow’s morning rush hour) to do some paving, causing what can best be described as a cascading set of dominos to create total traffic paralysis.

This should go down as one of the dumbest decisions in the history of dumb decisions. In addition to Colesville being a parking lot, so are University Boulevard, New Hampshire Avenue, Piney Branch Road, Franklin Avenue, Wayne Avenue, Flower Avenue, and Sligo Creek Parkway. That’s just in my immediate area, which as a practical matter means you can’t go ANYWHERE.

In the case of my little neighborhood, that’s literally true. There’s two ways out. Right on Worth Avenue to Franklin, where you can’t get out to Colesville. Or left on Worth Avenue to get to Sligo Creek Parkway, which is blocked all the way back to Wayne Avenue.


Way to go, Montgomery County SHA. You couldn’t wait for the storm of the century to hit - you just decided to fuck up the traffic three days early.

A long and lame way of explaining why I’m not in Kensington for the appointment of a new D14 senator. I will get word as soon as the vote happens and will report it immediately. Groceries had to come first today - I had none and a weekend with a hungry teenager and no food was not a viable option. I won’t even begin to describe the festivities at the grocery store a little while ago. May I never experience that again.

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