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MD House Overrides Hogan Veto On Drug Paraphernalia 

The House of Delegates today overrode another Larry Hogan veto, this time of a bill to eliminate criminal penalties for possession of marijuana paraphernalia. The vote was 86-55 (one vote to spare this time). Governor Hogan claimed that this bill would legalize driving while impaired by marijuana. Bobby Zirkin this week claimed that Hogan was lying - it appears that the… Read more »

JUST IN: Voting Rights Bill Veto Overridden In The House [UPDATED]

Vote was 85-56. No votes to spare. At least two votes flipped. That‚Äôs all I know right now. This was the heaviest lift of all the overrides and the most important. Good news - more later as I get details. UPDATE: Courtesy of David Moon on FB, here‚Äôs a photo of the vote board. Pam Beidle and Charlie Barkley flipped…. Read more »

Veto Overrides - A Correction

Back in May, I wrote about the prospects for veto overrides of the four bills. With respect to the marijuana paraphernalia bill, I stated then that only one Republican voted for the bill. In fact, it was three (Grammer, Kittleman, and Miele). Moreover, there were eight D “no” votes, not six as I wrote. And the bill was SB517. I pretty… Read more »

Every Delegate Counts

Karen Montgomery has been a wonderful elected official, an unswerving progressive in her values and a valuable member of the House and later the Senate. I represented her as an attorney in 2010, when she won by a razor thin margin in the primary, and I‚Äôve worked with her on several pieces of legislation since then. Replacing her is literally… Read more »