A Party At My House

I wrote about this back in June, but this being the modern ADD generation that it is, I suspect most of you don’t even remember. So here’s a reminder, and just to keep you from forgetting, I’m going to leave it pinned to the top of the blog from now until the end of the week.

The party’s next Saturday from 1-5. We’re feeding you and hydrating you (wink wink) so bring a couple of bucks. The suggested contribution is $20 ($10 for seniors and Young Dems), but no reasonable offer will be refused. This is the one big fundraiser for the GSSDC all year, and the money goes to pay for events throughout the year, including some planned debates and discussions about important issues. So don’t be that guy who decides it’s OK not to pay anything. Come by, eat some burgers and hot dogs, drink some beer, and hang out. But drop a few bucks on us too.

Plus, we’ll have cool candidates there. You want Van Hollen and Edwards? We got ’em. You want Raskin, Matthews, Barve, Gutierrez and other CD8 candidates? They’ll be here. Plus lots of other local and state and federal elected officials. One stop shopping for candidates.

Where else you gonna be able to meet all those VIPs in one place? With beer? Nowhere, that’s where. So come to the party.

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