Party Invitation

From 2005 - the first year of the event - to 2010, my wife Rebecca Lord and I hosted the Greater Silver Spring Democratic Club summer picnic at our house in Silver Spring. We’ve had a wide variety of leading politicos at the event, including Chris Van Hollen, Donna Edwards, Ben Cardin, Martin O’Malley, Heather MIzeur, Jamie Raskin, Peter Franchot, and a bunch of other state and local officials. The party was always a huge success and a great time.

After 2010, we were unable to keep hosting because of Rebecca’s health issues. This year, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been asked by the club to bring the party back home where it started a decade ago. The date is Saturday, September 19 from 1-5 and if you are reading this, you’re invited.

I’m already working hard to arrange as many candidates and elected officials as we can. I’ll be making periodic announcements about those who have committed to attend, starting next week. Plus you get to meet me! Who can resist that?

For now, put it on your calendar and plan to be there. Based on the history, it will be a party you won’t want to miss. 

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