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Somebody Didn’t Get The Memo

Democratic VP possibilities are dropping like flies lately. There was Julian Castro, and then he faded. There was Tim Kaine, and he turned out to be just slightly less “tawdry” than Bob McDonnell. Now comes Maryland’s own Tom Perez, whose main pluses were (a) being progressive and palatable to the Sanders wing of the party, (b) being strong with labor,… Read more »

Tom Perez For VP?

Another Maryland contestant, Tom Perez, and from the People’s Republic of Takoma Park, no less. And this one’s in Politico, so it must be true right? All kidding aside, it’s clear the speculation is more than just idle gossip. I was a volunteer on his 2002 County Council campaign, so I’d actually know a Vice President from before he went all… Read more »