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Options for Dealing with the North Korea Crisis

Editors note: One of the managing editors of this blog sent over a piece from our guest writer, John Brinkley, on the options this country has in dealing with the increasingly dangerous stand off with North Korea. In the coming weeks, the managing editors of this blog will be publishing articles from guest writers periodically. We will also be discussing… Read more »

Democrats Top Focus in the Midterms Should be Governor’s Races

Let’s face it, Democrats have had a pretty rough go of it lately. Ever since President Obama’s route in 2008, the party has suffered devastating losses in three of the four elections since. In 2009, Democrats had the White House, a majority in the House with 257 seats under party control, 58 seats in the Senate that later became 60 due… Read more »

No, Democrats Should Not Wait Until the Next Supreme Court Nominee to Pick a Fight

On Tuesday night, our current president announced, in a prime time address, he was nominating Neil Gorsuch, currently a judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left after the passing of conservative justice Antonin Scalia almost one year ago today. There has been an ongoing debate in Democratic Party circles over… Read more »

POTUS 45 Cabinet Update: Tillerson Confirmed; DeVos Nomination in Trouble

It is not exactly breaking news to suggest that a number of our current president’s cabinet nominations have been controversial. From Ben Carson running HUD despite never having worked in the industry, and no evidence he knows much of anything about anything, to Rick Perry only learning a few weeks ago that the agency he has been called on to… Read more »

The Obama Legacy

David Asche   January 20, 2017   No Comments on The Obama Legacy

Just a few hours from now, President Obama will board Marine One, give one final wave, and then fly off into history as a former president. This is going to be very strange for me to see. And not just because of who will be replacing him. It would still feel weird if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden were taking… Read more »

Election 2016: A Final Look Into the Battleground States; And My Predictions

Well, here we are. An election that seemed like it would never end will be over in a few hours. More than 45 million Americans have already cast votes via absentee ballot, or in-person early voting with many more to do so today. So, as we (finally!) bring the 2016 election cycle to a close, let’s take a look at… Read more »

Today’s Story About Clinton’s Email Encompassed Everything That is Wrong with Politics

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t get any crazier…. I feel like this is a sentence I have written on a number of occasions this year and will probably write a few more times between now and November 8. By now, you have all heard about Hillary Clinton’s email story thrusting itself back into the news this afternoon. To me,… Read more »

Election 2016 In-Depth Look at Battleground States: Ohio

With the election less than 20 days away, we’ll take an in-depth look into the battleground states that will ultimately decide who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave starting next January. This series will be ordered, roughly, by the states expected to be the most competitive this year. Many will be the usual suspects; others are new to the battleground category this… Read more »