Israel, Nicaragua, What’s The Big Difference?

Mike Pence, who only stays out of our collective nightmares because he’s not the living, walking embodiment of every terrifying political act and gesture in the world, tried to pump up the sagging fortunes of the Trump Administration (TA) with “the Jews.” Short version: it didn’t go well. Color me not impressed.

Pence tweeted out that he would be speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) on Friday night. Two tweets. Not one – two.

Now I love a good emoji as much as the next blogger, but the key thing is they have to be RIGHT. In this case, in both tweets, that flag with two blue bars is not the Israeli flag. It is, however, the flag of Nicaragua, which given the history of GOP diplomatic blunders was an especially inauspicious choice.



Not really the same. And after the week the TA has had with poor flag recognition, you’d have thought the hapless Twitter monkey would have been a little more careful. Alas, no, which is why now there’s almost assuredly one more resume on the pile of Twitter monkeys seeking employment. 

On behalf of “the Jews,” let me put this in terms the TA is familiar with: WRONG! SAD! FAIL!

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