“Bridges Not Walls”

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Back when I first came to DC in the early 1980s, the CSX Railroad Bridge across the outer loop of I-495 between Georgia and Connecticut Avenues (just before the Mormon Church) looked something like this:

Earlier versions of the graffiti included this one, with wadded up newspaper instead of spray paint. This is from the Montgomery Journal in the mid-1970s.

Later, the message often changed, including one 2014 lament for the legendary DC hardcore band Fugazi, which played its last show in 2002.

Well, within the past couple of days some new, more relevant graffiti has gone up on the famous bridge. If you’re reading this blog, I suspect you’ll agree with the message. I sure do.

What may be the most famous canvas for graffiti artists in the Washington area has been tagged with a new message: The words “Bridges Not Walls” now adorn the CSX railroad bridge over the Beltway between Georgia and Connecticut avenues in Montgomery County.

Anyone who drove that stretch of the Beltway regularly in the 1970s and 1980s probably remembers an earlier legend daubed upon the span: “Surrender Dorothy.” That lighthearted message poked fun at the Emerald City-like Mormon Temple that seems to hover beyond the bridge like the skyline of Oz.

This is some high quality, imaginative graffiti. That said, do NOT try this at home, as (a) it’s illegal, and (b) it’s insanely dangerous.

#Resist #Persist

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